About the Canna Agency


The Canna Agency is a boutique cannabis consulting agency specializing in cultivation facility design, construction & project management, cultivation operations and efficiency evaluation. We also excel in competitive state application preparation, RFP response packaging, due diligence evaluations, political assessment and land use matters.

The Canna Agency is built on empirical experience, integrity, transparency and our Founder's 25 years of cannabis specific experience.  We are rooted in Northern California.  Our Founder cut his teeth in Humboldt County.  We service clients across the United States and are embarking upon the global cannabis marketplace, as well.

In addition to our primary scope of practice, we are currently developing proprietary industry specific software, hardware, technology based cultivation solutions and scientific hardware advancements. We are a privately held company. We are not controlled by investors, bankers or industry new comers whom are often only focused on profits at the expense of their customers and clients.

Our verifiable experience, reputation, methods, practices, standards and results are what drive us and provide us with the foresight that keeps us at the cutting edge.  We strive to remain current and relevant.

We welcome you to experience the difference in working with true cannabis experts, passionate and consummate professionals.  We invite you to work with "the CANNA agency".