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The following are articles that our Founder, Christopher Macaluso, has been interviewed and or quoted in, during 2016...


Marijuana Biz Daily

"A big shakeout is materializing in Washington State’s recreational cannabis industry as businesses struggle to determine the ideal balance between supply and demand..."


"Scores of cultivation companies have gone out of business in large part because of the oversupply issue, said Christopher Macaluso, a longtime cultivator in California who co-founded Canna Group, which provides consulting to cultivators in Northwest states.

Producers are now sitting on a substantial amount of surplus inventory, and the future of many of them is in jeopardy. Some could try to unload low-quality inventory at fire-sale prices, flooding the market and exerting artificial downward pressure on the broader wholesale price."

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Marijuana Business Magazine

“The decreased yield is tough to justify,” which often is the case when growers switch to LED lights, he said.

But that is changing.

Macaluso is re-writing software that he is developing to include the “exponential waterfall effects of incorporating sustainable and conservation approaches,” such as using the latest breed of LED lights. Some manufacturers are on the cusp of launching more technologically advanced LEDs and other products that will give growers more bang for the buck.